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i actually had this conversation today

That’s it, WE CAN ALL GO HOME NOW. There won’t ever be a better graphic that summarizes sexist double standards in today’s geek culture.


What the actual frick frack are you fucking talking about?! No one gets on girls for liking comic books or super heros. Sure a few assholes here and there, but by god there isnt a whole fucking culture around it. As a matter of fact, more men are being ridiculed by women for liking things like My Little Pony then there are men going “Hur Hur make me a sandwich” to some girl playing COD. 

Three boys all under the age of twelve were bullied this year because they were bronies. One tried to take his own life by hanging himself. He now has brain damage because kids in his school felt it was okay to tease and harass him because he liked a fucking show. Men are now THREE times more likely to commit suicide than women.   

You can’t go anywhere, especially not on here, calling yourself a brony without someone accusing you of being a pedophile, or a rape supporter, or a misogynist. Girls in the MLP fandom feel like they’re victims because there are more men watching the show than girls. Girls as old as their mid twenties are regressing into the kindergarten level of “Ew boys” thinking because they can’t share the damn sandbox. They demand respect when they enter male dominated fandoms, then don’t give it when its vice versa. This is bullshit, and I’m tired of seeing this post on my dash. Read some goddamn statistics before you make buttcrack  assumptions like this.





Arg, I trekked a couple hours over the desert for a forest and some plains on a tiny island?

Doesn’t sound that bad, but I have Diseasecraft, so, I have damn malaria and I was hoping for a sacred spring biome or bayou or something (I also have Biomes’o’Plenty). x.x

I did find a desert temple at least, but I couldn’t stay on account of the malaria. Damn those mosquitoes. e.e

Sounds like Far Cry 2.

First 2 minutes of the game after landing in Africa, BAM MALARIA.


Might as well rename the mod “Far Cry 2 : BITCH HAVE SUM MALARIA” xD

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